S8 Q2 We set achievable milestones. (8->6)

>*--(6->8) S6 Q5 Our day to day operations enable key milestones to be met.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [x] Green = Agree * [ ] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know


(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc: - Considering the size and agility of the group at this stage and the fact that we meet weekly and some meet daily, we seem to have realistic ideas about what can be accomplished in the next few weeks. - Keeping in mind that this is a volunteer organization we must not put pressure on members that create conflict with their other responsibilities. I do think that we can share committments that are our best estimates of what an individual or sub-group can accomplish be a certain date, and adjust as needed--with high fidelity communication. - We are experimenting with Sofi model and FedWiki to manage committments as well as communications. A work in progress.


(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc:

- Get clarity on exactly what Kerry thinks must be done by October and for whom and by whom. Kerry should decide the color of this link based upon the October deliverable. It may change to red.

- Kerry is creating expectations for a deliverable StS in October 2021. That is a real milestone. We will need to get a lot done between now and then to meet it!

(Fri-Jul-30-21) Marc: * John V has published a brief note on Financial Strategy which has direct implications for operations. These are not in the terms of milestones or goals, rather they are recommendations on sources and uses of funds.

* John V has also published a brief note on Staffing Strategy. Staffing is primarily an operational concern. His thoughts are relevant to all links with Staffing (S-2 People NES) which is currently red 🔴.

* John V has also authored a brief note on Creative Evolution that addresses a progression of offerings to be designed and delivered by StS to clients. This relates to S-5 Creativity and Development NES, S-2 People NES, S-3 Structure NES, and S-1 Participants NES.