S-5 Creativity and Development NES

S-5 CREATIVITY and DEVELOPMENT NES: Includes research and development (R&D), development of skills, competencies, capabilities in the workplace, new products/services, training, innovation, new ideas, learning, continuous improvement.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Leadership Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [x] YELLOW = Caution * [ ] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:


S5 Q1 We are providing relevant staff development. (5->2)

S5 Q2 We have developed procedures and systems that add value. (5->3)

S5 Q3 We have developed effective ways to offer new products and services. (5->4)

S5 Q4 We have developed efficient day to day operation. (5->6)

S5 Q5 We have developed effective measures and controls. (5->7)

S5 Q6 We have developed a sound strategy. (5->8

S5 Q7 We have developed effective marketing and communication processes. (5->9)

S5 Q8 We have developed a health culture in our organization. (5->11)


Kerry: Comments as before. Blue hyperlink doesn't work.

This is "pink" for me. I have made a start on strategy! Just!

# Questions/Observations NEW TITLE: CREATIVITY? Still like development K: We will walk the talk of The 4I's K: How can we best use Trials the concept? ORS in UK? Oregon schools? K: StS is under development? How can we ensure continued creativity? K: Need to develop criteria for prizes and rules for competition? K: Will it be Awards (like Duke of Edinburgh) or a Race (Like map the System)? K: What will the Prizes be? Money, in kind, training, apprenticeship etc etc

JMP (Sat-Jun-05-21)

I like the new title Creativity and Development. I see you poling lots of folks along several links to this sphere of influence and getting good information that is informing how you develop this enterprise; therefore, I am changing the color to yellow on my manual version. :>)

(Tue-Jul-06-21) Marc

Once we began being a team rather than a meeting the feeling shifted very strongly toward creativity and development.


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