S-3 Structure NES

- *See the Systems* was inspired by Oxford University's "Map the System" competition and Kerry's involvement with systems since 1987. Includes definitions of NES Roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships, policies, procedures, systems, contracts, NES Agreements, licences, legal issues, service level agreements (SLAs), Information Technology NES (IT), infrastructure.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Structure Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [x] YELLOW = Caution * [ ] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:


S3 Q1 We actively gather feedback from our customers to improve our services. (3->1)

S3 Q2 Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. (3->2)

S3 Q3 Our structure makes it easy for people to access what we offer. (3->4)

S3 Q4 We are well structured to support innovation and development. (3->5)

S3 Q5 Our procedures and structure create an efficient day to day system. (3->6)

S3 Q6 Our procedures and structure contribute to a healthy workplace Culture. (3->11)

This is also red. I don't have a structure. Just some ideas for potential structures.

Need to think here about organisational structures. My experience of working in flat partnership structures (eg Deloitte) which work well vs hierarchies (IBM) which don't.

What about resilience - resilient StS Networks.

# Questions/Observations TITLE: STRUCTURE K: What is the right holding structure for StS? What criteria do we need to use for deciding? Options include: UK Not for Profit, US (California) N4P, Part of EG, Part of JV's Cali Ed N4P. How to decide? K: Where is the most ethical country to incorporate? K: After talk with Jon Twigge - He has a CLG - Company Ltbd by Guarantee. Middle ground between charity and company with shareholders. Not for profit. cheap to start £40?) K: See here for advice on legal structure options in UK K: Info on Coop option in UK here K: JDG/RP Holomat of Octologues? K: How does StS relate to KnowLimiTs and University of Hull for me? K: How will we contract with partners like EG, Potentialisation etc?

K: I have decided to create a UK limited company as the entity to hold "See the Systems". The logic is that any other structure involves others (meaning I would lose control of the ethics) and is difficult to scale. I spoke to Mark Thomas of 99% as they run their operation on £0 budget. They are running into difficulties as it is limiting their expansion. I have personal experiences of the feeding frenzy of greed in a charity structure. The CLG and Coops still involves others.`

K: I need to christen this organisation with a name that encompasses "See the Systems" but goes beyond it. Considering: Emerging Dynamics (Ed for short); Create More Wisdom (CMW...connotation of quality beyond BMW!) also Divergent Didactics.

JMP (Sat-Jun-05-21)

I see progress on the StS Legal Form, the organizational decision making structure, the collaborative structure for content development, and structure for content delivery. So, on my model of NES I am changing this sphere of influence to yellow.

Collaborative structure for StS Content Development

Structure for StS Content Delivery.

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [shape=box style="solid,rounded,filled" fillcolor=lightyellow penwidth=3 color=black] HERE NODE node [style="solid,rounded,filled" fillcolor=white penwidth=1 color=black] edge [style=solid penwidth=1 color=black] BACKLINKS NODE -> HERE node [style="dotted,rounded,filled" penwidth=1 fillcolor=white color=grey] edge [style=dotted penwidth=1 color=grey] HERE BACKLINKS NODE -> HERE STATIC