S6 Q5 Our day to day operations enable key milestones to be met. (6->8)

>*--(8->6) S8 Q2 We set achievable milestones.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [ ] Green = Agree * [x] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know


Kerry: - There are no milestones except launch in july.

(Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc - We now have a plan with milestones. We seem to be on track with them. - Up until now Kerry has been operations. That must change if the October milestone with Operations Research in the UK is to be met. - The milestones seem to require more resources than we have. See [[StS Project Plan] and the google spreadsheet link.

**SUGGESTIONS:** (Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc:

- Have detailed negotiations around each milestone with the people needed to accomplish the milestone. - Adjust timeline to match resources. Missing dates is demoralizing.