S-8 Strategy NES

Strategy refers to the time frames and assumptions used to guide decision making, specific strategies, plans that have been written down or implemented, as well as missions, goals, objective that have been discussed but not written, planning, timing.

Strategy integrates Ideals in Time. We call this space of creative tension the space of Values. The output are values are goals.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Strategy Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [x] YELLOW = Caution * [ ] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:


S8 Q1 We have a clear strategy for innovation and development. (8->5)

S8 Q2 We set achievable milestones. (8->6)

S8 Q3 We are communicating the strategy clearly. (8->9) (This seems in reverse direction to intended.)

S8 Q4 Our strategy fosters effective decision-making. (8->10)

S8 Q5 The strategy reinforces positive organizational values. (8->11)


Kerry: This is probably most advanced but not there yet. It's evolving.

(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc: *See the Systems* aims to empower young people with the tools and agency to make a real difference to their world. Our strategies and plans must move toward this purpose.

A comprehensive strategic plan must address the five link relationship with adjacent spheres. See StS Culture Updates which should form a strategic plan.

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