S8 Q5 The strategy reinforces positive organizational values. (8->11)

>*--(11->8) S11 Q6 Our culture actively supports the organization's strategy.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [x] Green = Agree * [ ] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know

**EVIDENCE:** Kerry: - It is proving to be very engaging of others. eg Bob Bollen, John V, Jason H. These are systems people. What about others?

**SUGGESTIONS:** (Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc:

- It would be useful for each team member to say something (in writing) about the culture they are experiencing in this team and how it relates to the purpose and strategy of the enterprise.

(Fri-Jul-30-21) Marc: * The team can begin an ongoing conversation on Fridays about the strategy, ensuring that the strategy, how it is stated and how it is operationalized all fit our values--personal and collective.