S8 Q3 We are communicating the strategy clearly. (8->9)

It seems to me that this should also include: We have a strategy for Marketing and Communication. Or Our strategy fosters effective Marketing and Communication. These seem like the same idea. (Ask Phillip and Diane)

>*--(9->8) S9 Q3 We have an effective marketing strategy.*


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(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc

- This is true because Kerry is the one communicating the strategy to the environment, even as the strategy evolves.


(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc:

- Write the strategy down. - Create reusable materials for communicating the strategy. - Create channels for sharing the strategy and more. - There is pretty urgent need to get this started. I am tempted to mark it red to get it the attention it needs. Let's see what John and other in his sphere group thing.

(Fri-Jul-30-21) Marc: * John V has made initial suggestions about how to communicate the strategy. See Audience Strategy


These processes position the enterprise in the market place relative to other enterprises and market sectors.