S3 Q3 Our structure makes it easy for people to access what we offer. (3->4)

>*--(4->3) S4 Q3 Our sales activities work well with our systems, procedures and structure.*



* [ ] Green = Agree * [x] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know


Kerry: There is only me and I am accessible but there is no structure. **SUGGESTIONS:**

Kerry: Add to plan.

(Thu-Jul-08-21) Marc

We need to synchronize our development and not increase access beyond our capacity and capabilities. I think we are on track. So long as Kerry can keep up with the demand she is creating See notes on Ease of Access.


These processes position the enterprise’s goods and services in front of potential new customers and established customers in ways that are attractive and easy to act upon.

(Thu-Jul-08-21) Marc's reflection of structure to support our offering to the public:

I begin to imaging our undertaking (to change the world) as a scalable enterprise made up of a nested network of federated co-ops whose main purpose is to curate useful patterns that can be used locally to improve life in neighborhoods--at the grassroots.