S3 Q5 Our procedures and structure create an efficient day to day system. (3->6)

>*--(6->3) S6 Q2 Day to day operations comply with organizational policies and procedure.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [x] Green = Agree * [ ] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know EVIDENCE:

Kerry: Its only me now and I'm not as efficient as I could be.


(Tue-Jul-06-21) Marc - There will be much more to be done to keep this support of day-to-day operations well supported.

(Tue-Jul-06-21) Marc - As I experience NES and StS, there seem to be enough structure supporting day-to-day operating that it seems to be working. I know who is doing what by when. I know when I can talk with team members.

- Kerry's use of FedWiki and Google Sheets is helping a lot. Sofi model let's me know what we need to be doing day-to-day. So, I would make this Green