S5 Q6 We have developed a sound strategy. (5->8)

>*--(8->5) S8 Q1 We have a clear strategy for innovation and development.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [x] Green = Agree * [ ] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know **EVIDENCE:**

Kerry: - I have a strategy. I don't know if it's sound.

(Thu-Jul-08-21) Marc: - A strategy is emerging from the intensity of discussion between team members and betweenKerry's and her other associates. - The global goal or aspiration is to fundamentally change the global paradigm from earth and life destroying consumerism to a more human and ecological way of thinking and being.

- The role of StS may ultimately derive from the belief that children and youth are system thinkers and are more capable than most adults of developing and using that innate capability to change the communities where they live now and as they grow older.


Kerry: - How to make it sound?

(Thu-Jul-08-21) Marc: - I think that strategy will evolve and change over the first year as we test our assumptions with the Trials.