S-10 Leadership NES

S-10 LEADERSHIP NES: Focuses on direction setting and situations in which individuals exercise discretion and make decisions at multiple levels in the workplace, direction, vision, management, leader titles.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Leadership Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [ ] YELLOW = Caution * [x] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:


S10 Q1 Management pays sufficient attention to day to day operational status. (10->6)

S10 Q2 Management is adequately monitoring financial performance. (10->7)

S10 Q3 Management is providing clear strategic direction. (10->8)

S10 Q4 Management regularly communicates with the rest of the organization. (10->9) (I would have thought that Sphere #9 was about communicating with the outside world rather than the company itself.)

S10 Q5 Management acts as positive role models for the organization's values. (10->11)


# What is the initiative? *See the Systems" is an international competition for systems projects.

Kerry: I think this is about leadership rather than management. They seem to be mixed up here? I am told by many people that I am a strong leader.

*See the Systems* is a new education initiative aimed at bringing the value of systems action to strengthen communities around the world. Teams will compete to map the system that is their community, design and implement their ideas for improvement and measure the benefits.

* [ ] Wed, Jul 14th, 2021 Kerry:

- **Mission:** We will save humanity by empowering young people with the apporaches and support they'll need to create lasting syhstemic change in their communities. - **Vision:** Every neighborhood is continuously transformed by projects organized with engaged young people. - **Values:** Subsidiarity--everyone does what they can, working together, learning as they go.

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