StS Leadership Updates


Claudius (John, Kerry, Richard)


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- As operations tasks increase, Kerry will need to stay in very close communication. Operations, Resource Allocation, and Culture are the connections between leadership and the value production and delivery functions. Operations is more immediate than Culture or Resource Allocation.

- The team needs to be very organized precisely because it is a volunteer team. No one must feel that they are wasting their time.

- Here is where using Sofi well can help us to focus on the work at hand.

- Provide a link to the most current presentation of StS Strategy. - Provide a simple statement of our strategy.

- Hopefully, in the future, Sphere Leads will provide very succinct weekly summaries of their Sphere in the FedWiki that would remove most of the work of creating minutes. - We should all review everything on Access Contents Page during the week, before the weekly meeting.

- As this work gets going everyone on the team will be playing leadership roles and it will be important for us to manage our energy as Kerry says. See Mood Template. Since this work is only a small part of each of our lives, the rest of our lives will affect our leadership here--or so I would guess. - This work could add meaning to our work a day lives. We could also learn skills and approaches from one another that enhances our work and family lives. :>)