S10 Q2 Management is adequately monitoring financial performance and resource allocation. (10->7)

>*--(7->10) S7 Q6 We are investing adequate resources to support our management.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [ ] Green = Agree * [x] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know


(Wed-Jul-14-21) Marc:

- Our time is our most precious resource. We are not coordinated and focused yet. Precious time of team members is at risk of slipping away.

**SUGGESTIONS:** (Wed-Jul-14-21) Marc: - Kerry may want to reassess what she does with her time.

- The team needs to be very organized precisely because it is a volunteer team. No one must feel that they are wasting their time.

- Here is where using Sofi well can help us to focus on the work at hand.