StS Operations Updates


Jen D

(Kerry T)


(Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc P

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- Operations Lead, Jen D, and anyone she enlists, begin documenting the bare minimum guidelines for successful operations. They should ideally address each of the Sofi links going outward from Operations. - Find minimalistic operations guidelines from small service co-ops. (Kerry and Marc can ask Jon Walker, a team member in W.I.S.E.R Net.)

6->2 🔴

- We need an explicit understanding of the work that needs doing so we can divide it up.

- We must set a cadence that fits with the resources available.

- Some form of commitment based management is going to be essential. See Commitment Template

- The weekly meetings are a great place to check for breakdowns and to make new requests and offers. See Templates Index

6->7 🔴

- When Sphere Leads each begin to provide reports to the weekly meeting, we will have adequate information for control (guidance, steering).

- A volunteer organization will be very sensitive to culture. It will be an ongoing challenge to manage day-to-day and not push too hard on volunteers. - Since many of the local projects that result form StS influence will be volunteer as well, this gives us a motivation to figure this out and model it for our clients.

- As more team members assume responsibility this link will become critical. It is like the relationship between the COO and the CEO of an organization. I do think that the use of FedWiki and Sofi can keep everyone up to date and the weekly meeting can provide informed decision making.

6->8 🔴

- Have detailed negotiations around each milestone with the people needed to accomplish the milestone. - Adjust timeline to match resources. Missing dates is demoralizing.


Operations management involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed and effective in meeting customer requirements. HEIGHT 400