S6 Q7 Day to day operations include activities to improve the culture. (6->11)

(Kerry: I am surprised that culture is equated with quality.) (Marc: I will ask Philip about definition of Culture in this context. In the mean time I am changing "quality" to "culture".)

>*--(11->6) S11 Q4 Supplier arrangements work well on a day-to-day basis.*


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Kerry: - I agree that quality is key and that it needs to be embedded in culture.

(Fri-Jul-16-21) Marc: - I changed "quality" to "culture". - The weekly meetings and conversations with Kerry are the main activities that support the culture. So far so good.


Kerry: - Recruit people with the same philosophy.

(Fri-Jul-16-21) Marc: - A volunteer organization will be very sensitive to culture. It will be an ongoing challenge to manage day-to-day and not push too hard on volunteers. - Since many of the local projects that result form StS influence will be volunteer as well, this gives us a motivation to figure this out and model it for our clients.