S-9 Marketing and Communication NES

Is used in a big picture way to include communication of messages both internally and externally, electronically or through other media, communications like interviewing, market research, publicity, brand identity, advertising and public relations, communications across the business units and functional units throughout the organization.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Marketing Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [ ] YELLOW = Caution * [x] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:


S9 Q1 We regularly connect new information to foster innovation and development. (9->5)

S9 Q2 We clearly communicate performance criteria to the relevant parties. (9->7)

S9 Q3 We have an effective marketing strategy. (9->8)

S9 Q5 We actively convey a positive identity in our community. (9->11)

# Questions/Observations K: Who do we want to work with? Shell? IBM? Airbus? Nestle? K: How do people find out about us? See MtS site

K: Website name?

Kerry: This is interesting. Because there is only me. But I think this has been "my thing" for a long time and I've been actively "marketing" myself. I now need to create a new brand which is more than me...so I can go and ride :))

(Thu-Jul-08-21) Marc: I think that StS Worlds needs to be maintained here.

(Fri-Jul-09-21) Marc: -I just looked at the MtS site. I think Kerry should copy their FAQ questions replacing MtS with StS and write her answers. Than I think we should put it out on a website, perhaps using WordPress.


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