S9 Q2 We clearly communicate performance criteria to the relevant parties. (9->7)

>*--(7->9) S7 Q5 We are investing adequate resources in our communication efforts.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [ ] Green = Agree * [x] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know **EVIDENCE:**

Kerry: - Not started doing this yet. Who are the relevant parties?


Kerry: - I need to think about who the relevant parties are! And how to best communicate with them.

(Sat-Jul-10-21) Marc:

- Updating StS Worlds will give us a list of folks to consider communicating with. Some will be more urgent than others. We can create a page fold to divide the list.

- Deciding what is relevant to measure will be interesting. Hopefully each of the sphere leads can bring a wish list of measures to the team.

- Of course for me it is a near real time assessment of StS using our Sofi model

- Monitoring of progress in making FedWiki useful and usable for StS. Everything we do and all the technologies we use or develop will be precursors for spread to local settings.