StS Market and Comm Updates


Kerry T


(Sat-Jul-10-21) Marc

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9->8 🔴

- I think that Denise intends to help here. Likey Meg Rivers as well. Perhaps one of these team members can become the Sphere Lead instead of Kerry?

- Until there is a plan for marketing and communication I will mark this red.

- We need to flesh out the StS Worlds so we know who the high-level stakeholders are. I made a first pass. Needs more work.

- We will need to be more deliberate about our communications

9->7 🔴

- Updating StS Worlds will give us a list of folks to consider communicating with. Some will be more urgent than others. We can create a page fold to divide the list.

- Deciding what is relevant to measure will be interesting. Hopefully each of the sphere leads can bring a wish list of measures to the team.

- Of course for me it is a near real time assessment of StS using our Sofi model

- I think that this critical function needs to be better organized so everyone on the team can bring in information and everyone can stay abreast of the shared information about the environment and about the state of our emerging enterprise. Perhaps as the sphere leads get organized there are StS Sphere (1-11) News Desks, or something like this.

- It may help when we have the Culture sphere and its relationships (links) well defined and in good shape. At least five team members express interest in attending to Culture.