S11 Q4 Supplier arrangements work well on a day-to-day basis. (11->6)

(Ask Phillip about this. Again, suppliers are associated with culture. Sees odd to Marc. Seems like the question should be more like, "Our culture supports day-to-day operations.")

>*--(6->11) S6 Q7 Day to day operations include activities to improve the quality.*


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Kerry: - Who are my suppliers?

(Wed-Jul-14-21) Marc: - The suppliers to StS are any organization that supplies facilitators, mentors, facilities, resources, and marketing.


Kerry: - Need to think about this

(Wed-Jul-14-21) Marc: - Talk with Phillip to better understand the definition of this sphere. - If the supplier definition holds--we have yet to develop suppliers. We are in the prototyping stage with [Trials].