S1 Q1 Customers can easily reach a staff member who can assist them. (1->2)

>*--(2->1) S2 Q1 Our staff are customer focused.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [ ] Green = Agree * [x] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know


Kerry: - There are no staff members!

(Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc: - In the Trials Kerry does seem to make herself available. This of course will not scale well.`


(Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc: - Don't accept more participants than we have staff capacity and skills for.

- This rule will force us the think clearly about what kind of a business enterprise StS can and must become. **This very link between customers and staff is the most basic thing in the whole model!**

Wed, Jul 14th, 2021 Kerry:Agreed