StS a Recursive Pattern Coop

A large flat network with only one central node will not work.

Multiple clusters will work better with clusters connected to a central node. Likely the clusters will be based upon geopolitical boundaries or organizational functions--schools, clubs, civic organizations, etc.

It could work more or less like a franchise business.


I begin to imaging our undertaking (to change the world) as a scalable enterprise made up of a nested network of federated co-ops whose main purpose is to curate useful patterns that can be used locally to improve life in neighborhoods--at the grassroots.

**Recursively Nested** Like Russian Dolls, each level is organized as a coop to support the level below and above. Possible nesting recursions: Global (1) Regional (7-12) National (7-12) Subnational (7-12 Local (many)

**Patterns** (Pattern) High level recipes needed for local StS to succeed and for neighborhoods to flourish. Sofi is a pattern. The 4I's is a pattern. DiG is a pattern. iPBSM is a pattern. Entrepreneurship is a pattern. Innovation is a pattern. Probably each of the eleven Sofi spheres is a pattern. Co-op is a pattern.

**Co-ops** See Co-op Each StS franchize can be organized and operated as a coop. The coop pattern (recipe) is one of the patterns, which should extend all the way through the network into the neighborhood projects.


**Scalable** The practical implication of "scalable" for us is that node zero of StS--that is us--must not create more work than we can do on a volunteer basis.

This means we must have a fundamental design principle that the **work is shared throughout the network** and does not accrue to node zero. Otherwise we will surely fail and that is not an option.

I speculate that we can create an enterprise that guides the development of shared patterns necessary for seeing systems and changing local neighborhood functions.

This means that we need the social organization structure for certifying patterns and the technology for curating those patterns.

In addition to node zero, we will need to guide a formal association made up of one (maybe 2) people from each of 7-12 supranational regional network nodes.

**Open Source** By publishing all of our work in the FedWiki we have in effect made it open source. Anyone can use it. Anyone can copy it and modify it for their own use. Unless otherwise stated will be sharing under Creative Commons Licensing, CC BY-SA 4.O.

**Creative Commons Licencing** StS node zero must own the licence for **See the Systems**. Node zero much set the standards for the use of the name.

Elinor Ostrom's 8 Principles should be considered as strong guides for our work. We should define the specifics for each of her eight principles as they relate to StS.