S-7 Resources and Finance NES

S-7 RESOURCES & FINANCE NES: Metrics of the living organization combine business and societal impacts. Includes data on revenue, cash flow, billing, financial objectives and other information related to control, measurement and accountability, capital/expense, resources, metrics, funding.

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Resources Sphere?** * [ ] RED = Stop * [x] YELLOW = Caution * [ ] GREEN = Go * [ ] BLUE = Unsure # Below are the links that impact this sphere:

S7 Q1 We are investing adequately in staffing resources. (7->2)

S7 Q2 We are providing adequate resources for effective customer contact. (7->4)

S7 Q3 We are investing adequately in innovation and development. (7->5)

S7 Q4 We are investing enough resources in day-to-day operations. (7->6)

S7 Q5 We are investing adequate resources in our communication efforts. (7->9)

S7 Q6 We are investing adequate resources to support our management. (7->10)

S7 Q7 Our financial controls are resulting in positive results for the organization. (7->11) ("positive results" does not seem like it is equivalent to Culture.)


Kerry: We don't have any finances. I'm investing my time freely. Maybe I should be keeping track of my hours? I need a business model to support others running this. I would like to be a non exec. I'm thinking a not for profit. Funded by CSR donations from corporates, bequests and participation fee from entrants (customers.)

The prize structure will reward activities sustaining long term positive benefits. Entries will be judged on ingenuity, leverage, people engaged, and quality of evaluation.


# Questions/Observations K: Cash - What are the flows in and out? K: Cash in - Donations (eg En's Apple program), Bequests, Participation fees... K: Cash out - Paying partners, Mentors, Prizes K: How is MtS funded? (£2000 pa per institution) K: How are other similar ideas funded? K: If payment for time, on what basis? K: https://investorsincommunity.org/ K: https://www.giveall.org/GA.dll/ShowPage?PN=index K: Could this be time and gift funded rather than money? eg 99%

(Sat-Jun-05-21) JMP

Re above questions:

"Payment for time"--Meaning is a real payment for time. It may be the strongest attractor. The trick is to increase the ration of Meaning/Time or efficiency of effectiveness.

Resources include more than money, people, goodwill, and materials being key resources. Also gaining clarity about finance and measurement are key to this sphere. I see progress in each of these areas so I select "yellow" cautious, in this case optimism since the enterprise is moving from urgent toward balance.

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