S7 Q2 We are providing adequate resources for effective customer contact. (7->4)

>*--(4->7) S4 Q5 We are achieving our sales goals.*


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Kerry: - If I define the customer as participants in "See the Systems" then I have no contact with them right now.

(Sat-Jul-17-21) Marc: - Kerry is making contact with plenty of clients for the Trials development phase of StS. We have as much work as we can do at this stage of our development.


Kerry: - I need to do some market research and consult some potential participants in the target space.

(Sat-Jul-17-21) Marc:

- As we become clear about the actual offerings (during and after some Trials than we will need to add resources to support recruitment and engagement of staff, facilitators, mentors, partners, and participants.

- This will be a real challenge. But for the moment we are resourcing (Kerry) what is need in this phase.