Frequently Asked Questions

# About See the Systems

- What is See the systems? - What is this approach? - Why use a mapping approach to solve problems? - Who runs See the Systems?

# Questions about taking part

- Who is eligible to enter See the Systems? - can I apply as an indiviual? - Can I participate in multiple teams? - I participated in last year's competition. Can I participate again this year? - What is an appropriate topic and scope? - What ar th dayes for the competition? - What are the marking criteria? - What are the prizes? - Does this count for university/school credit? - can I reuse work I submitted for a course or which is published elsewhere? - I laready have a business idea/proposed solution in mind. To what extent should I focus o this in my submission? - Will my submission be made public? - How do I cite my soutces? Can I use external media and graphics from other reports? - How much time should I budget for preparing my entry? - How long should my submission be? - What are the terms and conditions I need to agree to before submitting my entry? - What happens after I submit my materials?

# Questions about your pitch - How long should my presentation last? - Do all members of my team need to present? - Who are the judges?

# Questions from the community (school, university, club) - How can I run See the Systems in my community? - What are the criteria for communities to participate? - What is the cost? - What do I get? - Who can I speak to to find out more?

# Questions from Prospective Partners - What is it? - How is it different/cmplemtary to other initiatives? - How will it be sructured/organised/funded? - What is my commitment? - What is in it for me? see See the Systems Partners

# Questions from Prospective Mentors - What are the roles and responsibilities of mentors? See Mentor Role Description - What is the time commitment? - What is in it for me? - What are the backgrounds of current mentors?