Mentor Role Description

# Role overview

The role of mentor is to support and inspire teams of young people in their quest to make lasting systemic change in their communities. We seek mentors with certain qualities. The most important quality is the shared vision and values of StS: - Motivation to support and inspire young people. - Commitment to operating systemically. - Being a role model for young change makers.

# Responsibilities

Mentors take a similar role to a Director on a consulting project. It is more a coaching/advisory role than a project management role. However project managers make great mentors when they don't take over the project.

Mentors: - Are q first point of contact with StS - Ask questions. - Answer questions. - Share knowledge when appropriate. - Advise on how to use the participant tool kit. - Help continually develop the mentor toolkit.

Mentors may support a number of teams and in that way can function to enhance network knowledge sharing too.

Mentors may volunteer for online support or in-person support ideally for a project in their locality (alothough it could be further afield.)

They may volunteer for an intensive See the Systems experience (like OCHS) or a Persistent StS. Intensive could require 2 days off work. Persisent could require an hour or two a week over several weeks.

# Examples

Mentors may be - retired professionals seeking a new purpose - University student members of the ORS looking to enrich their CV - Previous competitors in See the Systems - employees of organisations with schemes to support StS eg IBM - members of societies aligned to systems eg ORS, ISSS, SDS, SCiO - members of societies with related skills eg IPM - in the UK, STEM ambassadors - teachers who want to teach in an inspirational way

# What do I get?

Mentors will receive training and support from some of the leading systems practitioners in the world. These are sought after skills by all organizations so mentors will enhance their employability. More than this the skill set mentors cultivate will change every aspect of their life for the better. This is the only approach I know which adds value in every aspect of my life.

Teachers will get to be a part of a new movement in teaching. A movement which is WISE: Whole Integrated Systems Education.

On a different scale mentors get to play a part in a system that could actually change the world and save humanity. I know of no greater industry than this. For mentors with children and grandchildren this could be the best thing you can do to give your family a future.

We believe in learning by doing so all our mentors will get to experience See the Systems for themselves before they commit to mentorship.

Mentors become part of an international learning network of mentors and participants.