S4 Q2 Our sales activities are adequately staffed. (4->2) Seems to be in the wrong direction of causality?

(Ask Phillip re directionality of this link description?)

>*--(2->4) S2 Q3 Staff actions encourage people to use our products / services.*


**STATUS** - COLOR * [x] Green = Agree * [ ] Red = Disagree * [ ] Blue = Don't know **EVIDENCE:**

Kerry: No sales activities. I will need to address this function.

(Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc: Actually I think that we are at risk of selling more than we can deliver at this moment. Kerry is a good saleswoman. I am changing this to green.

**SUGGESTIONS:** (Mon-Jul-12-21) Marc: We need to get the product ready for market and then we can worry about increasing salesforce.