Awards schemes

# Purpose

To decide how we will recognise achievement.

# Things to explore

- How will our awards fit with other systems awards eg scio's apprenticeship scheme?

- What are our submission requirements? see Map the System

- Judging/assessment process and timing?

- Who will our Partners be?

- What Judging Criteria would we use on projects : eg ingenuity, leverage, people engaged, and quality of evaluation?

- Who could judge? How to recognise our Judges?

- What are our options for recognition (certificates, awards, prizes, Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme, Map the System)?

digraph { ranksep=.2; size = "7.5,7.5"; rankdir=LR node [shape=circle, fontsize=22] edge [penwidth=6 fontsize=24 labelfloat=false decorate=false constraint=true minlin=.1] ratio=1.5 //edge [style=invis] node [width=2 style=filled shape=circle fontcolor=black color=black penwidth=3 fillcolor=white fixedsize=true] 1 [label="StS Awards"] 2 [label="SCiO\nApprentice-\nship"] 3 [label="Duke of\nEdenburgh\nAward"] 1->2 [label="Leads to"] 1->3 [label="Leads to"] }